Food waste anaerobic digestion projects

Client: EcoGenR8 Ltd
Location: London, UK
Service division: Engineering
Sector: Waste; Water; Energy; Power

EcoGenR8 develops and manages waste treatment and renewable energy supplies in the UK with a primary focus on producing biogas through the anaerobic digestion of organic wastes. In 2011, EcoGenR8 were awarded a contract to develop a portfolio of energy from waste (food waste anaerobic digestion) projects with Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and sewerage company. Thames Water serve a population of 14 million across London and the Thames Valley including  an established network of over 30 anaerobic digestion sites.

Anaerobic digestion has been used to treat sewage sludge for many decades. As well as reducing pathogens in sludge, the process produces valuable biogas which is converted to electricity and heat through CHP (combined heat and power) engines, or upgraded to natural gas quality (biomethane) and injected directly into the gas grid.

EcoGenR8 partnered with Howard Tenens, a sustainable logistics company, to develop the Thames Water opportunity, the focus of which is to sweat existing assets and maximise synergies with current operations in order to develop a portfolio of sites that will have the capability to treat food waste and generate a combination of renewable electricity and biomethane. The project  incorporates detailed technical and commercial development, including:

  • Definition of the market potential
  • Development of technical and financial models
  • Identification of technology, waste, construction and operational partners
  • Planning and permitting applications
  • Securing contracts required for financing

AFECO are providing ongoing support to EcoGenR8 in developing the technical aspects of this project and in particular site investigations, technology evaluations and assessment of integration with existing assets.

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EcoGenR8 approval to develop AD sites

EcoGenR8, a developer of waste treatment and renewable energy supplies in the UK, has received approval to proceed with the next stage of the development of a portfolio of food waste anaerobic digestion and biogas utilisation projects.

The projects will be located at a number of operational wastewater treatment sites, previously identified during the first development stage, and will be designed to integrate new food waste treatment assets with the existing wastewater plant to allow food waste to be co-digested with sewage sludge to generate renewable energy.

The selected sites are currently operated by Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and sewerage company, and approval has been given by the company’s Executive Board to proceed with the planning applications as well as to co-invest in the Joint Venture set up to deliver and operate the projects. The Joint Venture is currently a partnership between EcoGenR8 and Howard Tenens, a sustainable logistics company, who were awarded the development contact in 2011. AFECO is a trading name of EcoGenR8 and are providing technical support in developing this opportunity.