Basingstoke WwTW control panel

Client: JR Pridham Services Ltd
Location: Basingstoke WwTW, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK
Service division: Controls
Sector: Water

Basingstoke WwTW is a sewage treatment works with a population equivalent of 100,000 and is owned and operated by Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and sewerage company, serving a population of 14 million across London and the Thames Valley. A number of process improvements have been made at the site by Thames Water, including the installation of a new sludge dewatering facility. As part of this process, the washwater system was upgraded and as a consequence a new washwater feed pump panel was required.

JR Pridham Services are a TW approved contractor, offering a wide range of services that include electrical engineering, instrumentation and control. Pridhams were requested to design, build, install and commission the washwater panel within a 6 week programme. AFECO had previously carried out a site investigation and prepared the project brief on behalf of the Client and due to the rapid turnaround required, AFECO were commissioned by Pridhams to undertake the project on their behalf, the scope of work for which included:

  • Design and build of a Form 4 panel in 316 stainless steel
  • FAT testing and documentation
  • Site installation and commissioning

The panel was designed, built and FAT tested to be fully compliant with Thames Water F15 Package Plant Specifications. The project was delivered successfully, within the specified timeframe and budget.