TSB awards funding for pasteurisation process

EcoGenR8, a developer of waste treatment and renewable energy supplies providing robust yet innovative solutions to the water and waste sectors in the UK, has received funding to optimise their proprietary pasteurisation process.

The funding has been awarded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) which is a business-focused organisation dedicated to promoting technology-enabled innovation across the UK and is intended to enable the rapid, effective and sustainable application of technology.

EcoGenR8 have developed an energy optimised pasteurisation system that ensures regulatory compliance whilst maximising net energy production when combined with anaerobic digestion for the biosolids and biowaste industries. The system is designed to balance cost, energy efficiency and digester performance to maximise the end-to-end process performance. The funding will allow EcoGenR8 to further optimise the design and maximise heat transfer and hence overall energy efficiency and provide independent validation of the improved technology design, ensuring it is ready for full-scale market applications.

AFECO is a trade name of EcoGenR8 Limited.

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