Energy optimised proprietary pasteurisation solutions for biosolids and biowastes

Pasteurisation is a thermal process in which a material is heated for a pre-determined length of time to reduce the number of viable pathogens that may be present. Our proprietary pasteurisation system has been developed to meet the needs of both the water and waste industries and provides the optimum solution to balancing cost, energy efficiency and digester performance with the need to comply with the Animal By-Product Regulations (ABPR) for biowaste, or to produce a Class A enhanced treated product in accordance with the Safe Sludge Matrix. Our engineers have optimised our process to ensure that regulatory requirements are consistently met whilst maximising project revenues by optimising the energy balance. We are confident our system is the most energy efficient available on the market – heat is recycled at every stage of the process, thereby minimising external inputs – crucial for all energy generating projects but particularly valuable if revenue will be generated through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).


When applied to biowaste or sewage sludge (biosolids), our pasteurisation process:

  • Produces a final product that is compliant with Animal By-Product Regulations (for Category 3 biowaste) or with the Safe Sludge Matric (for sewage sludge)
  • Enables higher dry solids waste to be processed, increasing the digester loading rate and reducing digester volume (and hence plant footprint)
  • Eliminates the need for large secondary storage
  • Improves the digestibility of more complex wastes, including secondary sludges, allowing higher ratios to be treated whilst maintaining process stability
  • Has a fully optimised heat balance resulting in low energy requirements

Our product

We supply our pasteurisation systems as turnkey solutions with operational and / or maintenance agreement options or as a design and supply option only, depending on the end user requirements. The system is supplied through EcoGenR8, of which AFECO is a trading name – visit the EcoGenR8 website to learn more

We specialise in optimising system integration and our engineers are able to adapt our system with existing equipment to ensure optimum performance.

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