Voltage manager

A complete voltage optimisation solution

UK grid voltage varies between 216V and 253V with an average of 245V but most standard equipment only requires 220V. Optimising the supply voltage to 220V has the potential to reduce power consumption and hence electricity bills by approximately 10% to 15% as well as substantially improving power quality which provides additional benefits such as protecting electrical equipment from power spikes and supressing harmful harmonics that damage sensitive equipment, cutting the capital cost of early replacement.


We are able to provide a complete voltage management solution, underpinned by our Voltage Manager product, which includes a survey to identify your current power usage and hence potential savings and installation of Voltage Manager. The system operates 24 hours a day and requires no intervention or maintenance.

Our product

Our Voltage Manager package includes:

  • Initial survey to identify power usage and potential savings
  • Voltage Manager supply
  • 24/7 operation with no monitoring or maintenance required
  • Typically 10% to 15% reduction in energy usage and hence costs achieved

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