AFECO enhances reputation and presence in the Superyacht sector through membership of the UK’s no. 1 Superyacht association.

Building on our recent membership of British Marine, AFECO are proud to have been accepted as members into the prestigious association, Superyacht UK. This membership will boost our reputation and presence in the UK and worldwide Superyacht sector and will be used to raise awareness of our unique Superyacht wastewater treatment services.

Superyacht UK is a unique membership only association that represents the interests of the UK Superyacht industry both at home and internationally. The members cover the diversity of the UK industry from leading naval architects to award-winning manufacturers and all members spearhead truly world-class products and services.

As part of British Marine, Superyacht UK champions UK innovation, excellence and heritage, symbolising a badge of excellence within the international community for yachts over 24 metres length over all. The aim of the association is “to achieve greater co-ordination and professional support for the UK Superyacht sector with the aim of the UK gaining greater market share of the world Superyacht sector.”